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Building of Trust

At NU Psychology, we understand the importance of a connected relationship between partners. Through supportive therapy, our goal is to identify unhelpful  patterns that may  arise due to feelings of mistrust and lack of communication between couples. Once these issues are brought forward, we support couples to build healthy communication patterns, set healthy boundaries, and build through mutual respect and understanding of each others needs. . 

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Individuals in intimate relationships can benefit from supportive counselling to build upon an already healthy relationship or to manage specific challenges that have arisen. Counselling can help develop a stronger connection that is built on a style of communication where couples can navigate problems more effectively. Couples counselling can help navigate relationship issues to support the growth of both the individuals and the relationship. Benefits of Couples Counselling involve: 

  • Improvement in communication 

  • Support with intimacy issues 

  • Support for couples dealing with physical or mental health challenges

  • Understanding each other's personality differences

At NU Psychology, we focus on understanding the issues, goals, and concerns that couples bring forward in order to develop the right approach to help couples work through their challenges. 

Some Key Aspects of Couples Therapy

The initial meeting is an important tool to discuss the relationships strengths and challenges. Based on this meeting, a therapeutic plan is put forth. NU Psychology supports couples to communicate their needs in a healthy manner and create lasting changes. Having a space where both individual's can be heard and guided is an important aspect of couples counselling. Once this space is created, the process of creating change within the relationship can begin. 


Evidence-based studies have shown that couples with issues who complete a course of couples therapy tend to show improvements in the relationship. There are a few different types of couples therapy that partners can seek out, each following a slightly different approach but aiming for the same goal. At NU Psychology, we focus on properly understanding the issues and concerns that couples bring up during our sessions so that we can develop the right approach to help our clients work out their problems. The severity of the relationship problems, willingness to attend sessions, and each individual's personality determines how long the therapy sessions need to continue. 

The initial meeting is used to determine the overall problems faced and each person's individual history. Based on understanding these factors, we can recommend a therapeutic plan. For the best results both partners must be willing to attend sessions and be willing to communicate and make changes towards solving the issues. Having both partners involved helps create a space where both individuals feel heard and can talk about their problems. Once this space is created, a process of trial and error and improvement in the relationship can begin. 

Improve The Quality Of Your Relationship

We offer supportive therapy for both married and unmarried couples who want to improve the quality of their relationship by addressing and overcoming issues. 

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