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NU Psychology specializes in the assessment and treatment of ADHD. We support individuals who are struggling with ADHD or symptoms related to inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Often individuals with ADHD experience challenges with regulating their thoughts, emotions, and body. Individuals with ADHD are also at a risk of developing comorbid symptoms such as depression and anxiety, which can cause additional challenges. 

How Does NU Psychology Help Individuals with ADHD?

NU Psychology supports individuals with ADHD to reach their potential and succeed. Untreated ADHD can create significant challenges. Using a strength-based approach is an important part of ADHD treatment. Often tasks that are "easy or meaningless" are the most difficult for individuals with ADHD. A tailored treatment plan helps target areas of challenge using a skills based laddering approach. This involves a brief assessment of an individual's needs, executive function challenges, and strengths. We also use a combined approach of skill building, goal development, and individualized counselling to support individuals with ADHD or Executive Function challenges. 

ADHD is complex Neurodevelopmental condition and in such can impact individual's functioning in various ways.

At NU Psychology treatment follows an individuals unique needs. 

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