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NU Psychology and Workplace Challenges


We work with adults to help manage areas of challenge within the workplace. We provide support to professionals who would like to explore themes related to growth, leadership, and burnout in the workplace. 


NU Psychology and Workplace Challenges

The work environment and an individual's professional life can cause a great deal of stress. NU Psychology offers individual therapy for individuals located in Calgary, AB to help cope with work-related stress. The pressure to perform at a high level can often be challenging and overwhelming. This can lead to feelings of imposter syndrome, stress, and burnout. A minimal amount of stress can be used as fuel for success. Once stress reaches a high level, it can negatively impact an individuals ability to manage work and spill over into other areas of life.


We often see individuals in high performance positions being impacted by imposter syndrome and performance anxiety. NU Psychology supports clients who are struggling in this area by developing both awareness and healthy coping strategies that are unique to their values, strengths, challenges, and learning style. At times a personality inventory can support with  building strategies to reach goals. 

NU Psychology is located in Calgary, Alberta. We support individuals to deal with the stress and pressures in the work environment. We support individuals to who want to manage workplace challenges, increase performance, create balance, manage difficult relationships, and achieve work related goals. 

Workplace Challenges Supported at NU Psychology

We offer counselling for a variety of issues including:

  • Dealing with a toxic work environment 

  • Procrastination 

  • Inability to focus on tasks 

  • Lack of motivation 

  • Finding a good work-life balance

  • Constant conflict due to professional stress 

  • Setting boundaries at the workplace 

  • Substance use to cope with stress 

  • Difficulty in asserting oneself in the workplace 

  • Feeling unmotivated or unhappy with work or studies 

  • Poor physical health due to work-related stress

 Through our Psychology services, we can support individuals to perform at the desired level. 

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