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Counselling and Supportive Therapy

We are wired to connect. Connection and relationships are very important for our overall well-being. The quality of our key relationships can impact our mental health. NU Psychology offers counselling and supportive therapy to manage relationship challenges. Therapy can focus on the relationships we have with family, close friends, professional relationships, and any other relationships that feel important. Often looking at what we are able to control and cannot control can be a helpful first step. 

Therapy can help individuals assess and understand how to approach communication and manage emotions in a relationship. Certain issues affect people differently - this may involve setting boundaries, prioritizing certain relationships, letting go of less helpful relationships, creating meaning and enjoyment within a relationship, or understanding the dynamics. Therapy can support individuals to manage self within the context of others, improve the quality of important relationships, and explore areas of challenge.

Areas For Exploration 

We can support in areas related to:

  • Social anxiety 

  • Difficulties in friendships

  • Challenges with a romantic partner 

  • Difficulties in caring for a sick family member

  • Unresolved feelings towards a parent or caregiver 

  • Issues with work colleagues or a supervisor

  • Difficulties in maintaining boundaries 

  • Difficulties with asserting oneself 

We are all wired to connect.

NU Psychology supports individuals with social or relationship issues to increase well-being.

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