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NU Psychology and Relationship Challenges

We are wired to connect. Relationships are important and can impact our overall well-being. Research indicates that the  quality of our relationships plays a direct role in our mental and physical health. Several studies show a direct correlation to longevity and the quality of our social connections. Relationship problems can make people feel frustrated, irritated, shut-down, become helpless and, over time, can actually lead to anxiety and depression issues. NU Psychology offers counselling and supportive therapy for individuals dealing with relationship issues. Some relationships are closer than others, and having negative aspects within such a relationship can lead to a reduced quality of life. Our Psychology services are not limited to romantic relationships. We also also focus on the connections we make with family, professional relationships and social relationships with friends. Couples Counselling can help a couple deal with various relational and communication issues, however it can often be the fact that one partner will not attend. It is also not standard practice for friends to attend counselling together. In such situations where a relationship issue exists, NU Psychology supports individuals to examine what factors they can control. This may involve changing communication style, setting boundaries, taking a step back, or leaning in. 

At NU Psychology we support our clients to assess and understand how to approach communication and how manage emotions in a relationship. Certain issues affect people differently, for instance, certain individuals may have empathy issues while others tend to have a hard time maintaining boundaries. Through supportive therapy, we can help you prioritize self-care and teach you how to manage your emotions and actions to improve the quality of a relationship.

Relationship Issues Covered at NU Psychology 

The areas for which we offer help include: 

  • Social anxiety and the constant feeling of not having close friends 

  • Feelings of hurt and rejection by a romantic partner 

  • Feelings of anger towards a close friend or partner

  • Difficulty in caring for a sick family member in need of help

  • Unresolved feelings towards a parent or caregiver 

  • Having issues with colleagues at work 

  • Difficulty in maintaining boundaries 

  • Difficulty asserting oneself at work ​

We are all wired to connect.

NU Psychology supports individuals with social or relationship issues to increase well-being.

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