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Updated: Mar 8, 2023

How can NU Psychology help with Wellness?

We help our clients increase feelings of well-being in a number of ways. Well-being refers to a positive state of mind and body, and is related to factors such as happiness, life satisfaction, and overall health. Everyone's path to wellness is unique and requires an individualized approach based on goals, strengths, and current challenges. Some of the ways in which a Psychologist can help individuals increase their well-being include:

1. Assessment: A psychologist can conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the factors that are impacting an individual's well-being, and to develop an individualized treatment plan. 2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT is a type of therapy that can be used to address anxiety, depression, and other emotional difficulties, and can also help individuals increase their well-being. CBT can help individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs, and can help individuals develop coping strategies to manage stress and improve overall well-being. 3. Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a technique that involves paying attention to the present moment, without judgment, in order to increase awareness and acceptance of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Mindfulness can be a helpful tool for individuals seeking to increase their well-being, as it can help individuals reduce stress and improve their overall well-being. 4. Positive psychology: Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on the study of positive emotions, strengths, and virtues. Positive psychology interventions, such as gratitude journaling or positive affirmations, can help individuals increase their well-being by promoting positive emotions and attitudes. 5. Lifestyle changes: A psychologist can also help individuals make lifestyle changes that can contribute to increased well-being, such as improving sleep habits, increasing physical activity, or developing healthy eating habits.

We work closely with our client's to assess specific needs and to develop a comprehensive and individualized plan for treatment. Our strength-based approach helps individuals experience most improvement in their well-being and overall mental health.

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